PRO-100L Dry ice blaster

DSJet Dry ice blaster

DSJet dry ice cleaning equipment PRO-100L dry ice cleaning machine, using dry ice pellets for environmental protection cleaning, large hopper can store more dry ice pellets.

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Built-in high-efficiency filtration device, efficiently and quickly filter water, grease, rust and other impurities in the air. Fully guarantee the safe and environment friendly non-destructive cleaning of moulds.

Traditional cleaning methods use chemicals and hand tools, which are boring and inefficient. DSJet offers a non-abrasive and environment friendly method of cleaning moulds and products in a very short time, thus extend the intervals between preventive maintenance. In addition, it can be cleaned on-line.

PRO-100L Advantage:

The PRO-100L pellet dry ice blaster has a large dry ice capacity for long cleaning times.

Roller design for Convenient mobility.

With User-friendly operation interface, you can adjust the cleaning strength applied on product surface according to the cleaning demand.

Good heat dissipation system can ensure the machine to run for a long time.


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Dry Ice Capacity:

Dry Ice Pellets: Standard grain dry ice with a diameter of 3 mm
Dry Ice Density: Not less than 1.485kg/L
Dry Ice Consumption Range: 0~3kg/min
Power Supply: 220VAC,Monophasic 50Hz ,3A
Weight: 125kg
Single Hose Applicatior: Quick change of nozzles

  • Large dry ice storage capacity

  • Roller design for Convenient movement

  • User-friendly operation interface